Medical marijuana could help save the lives of kids

CharlotteThe use of marijuana as an alternative medicine has been on the rise with 21 states of the 50 that make up the US as well as the District of Columbia having legalized its use. Florida may be next in line if the bill that was sent to the conservative House by the legislators of the Florida Senate is approved. The bill that was passed would make legal the use of a low-THC marijuana strain as a treatment for epilepsy and seizures in children. The bill named the Charlotte’s Web bill will be voted on in November and supporters as well as opposing factions have already started mobilizing their numbers. Florida medical marijuana could potentially help save the lives of kids like Ray Ann Mosley, who along with her parents and her plea have become the most visible parties in favor of the passing of the bill.

The benefits of medical marijuana include the treatment of symptoms for major diseases like cancer, Aids, epilepsy, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis as well as being an effective pain killer. The symptoms that are either caused by the diseases themselves or by the treatments used for them include loss of appetite, nausea, muscle spasm and tension, insomnia and pain. Marijuana has been proven to work quite safely and effectively even doing better than other FDA approved drugs in getting rid of the discomfort that comes with these conditions. The supporters of medical marijuana cites major government reports, prominent medical organizations and peer-reviewed studies to support their case and with moving cases like that of Ray Ann Mosley and her parents they do have a solid case.

However, there is opposition from various groups and organizations including Florida Sheriff’s Association and Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition as well as churches. Opponents are against medical marijuana despite the benefits cited because they say it is too dangerous for use due to its addictive nature, the fact that it impairs driving abilities, interferes with fertility and act as a gateway drug to harder drugs and say that medical marijuana is just a façade for the legalization of recreational drug use. They also say that various drugs that are already FDA approved and legal make the use of medical marijuana unnecessary.

If the bill is passed into law, there are already businesses, entrepreneurs and would-be investors on the ground ready to make money from it. Over 60 businesses have come up since last summer whose names suggest that they intend to be in the business of marijuana either to supply equipment, plant cultivation legal advice, retail dispensing, financial security, research and development, legal advice or medical treatment. The SB 1030 and HB 843 bills that aim to only legalize specific marijuana extract might open up the way for the Florida constitutional amendment that would make the use of medical marijuana legal in a broader sense if passed. Both opposing and supporting factions are gearing up for a showdown armed with the benefits and cons of medical marijuana. The passing of the bill could be a Godsend for children with untreatable disorders and if regulated it should not become a problem for society.

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