Florida Medical Marijuana Business Formation

Florida Medical Marijuana Business FormationMedical marijuana is a hot topic issue that has been in the news for years, but more recently is gaining serious momentum as more and more states are declaring medical marijuana legal. This issue has been a highly discussed topic in Florida politics.

As of now, the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 allows for the use of a low potency medical marijuana for those patients who are suffering from cancer or any conditions that would cause seizures or severe and chronic muscle spasms.

In the 2014 midterm election, the Florida Amendment 2 was introduced that would allow for marijuana to be used for other treatments of diseases and chronic pain, expanding the current standard. Voters ended up shutting it down and the amendment never went through. The Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative has the potential to again make an appearance, but this time in the 2016 November ballot. Lawmakers have suggested adjusting the verbiage to include more diseases that would be legal for medical marijuana treatment and would outline other types of cannabis that would be allowed to be used for medical reasons.

It’s important to understand these medical marijuana laws, especially as they are seemingly constantly changing, not just for citizens, but also for businesses. One misstep can put your business under the microscope, possibly shutting it down and resulting in criminal charges against the business owner.

If you own a business that is involved in the medical marijuana industry, it wouldn’t hurt to enlist the expertise of an experienced lawyer to explain the laws as they exist and consistently update you as the laws change.

Being in the medical marijuana business can be extremely rewarding as those involved have the opportunity to help patients who are suffering from severe diseases and pain. If you are a business in the industry, you can find a law firm that will represent you, as well as the doctors, nurses, clinics and dispensaries, to be sure that all laws are being followed and you are running your business, no matter what part of it, to the best of your ability.

If you have not yet entered into the medical marijuana business, but are looking to get involved, you should know that it involves many steps before you can set up shop, and a lot of paperwork. You have to be aware of up to date regulations and laws and get all of the proper licenses.

If you need an attorney the Walser Law Firm represents medical marijuana industry professionals and businesses throughout Florida.