Medical Marijuana Laws Pros and Cons

huffington-post-medical-marijuana-the-pros-and-cons-of-legal-cannabisThe legalization of Marijuana prescription or the Medical Marijuana Law in Florida is among the hottest topic of today’s legal discussions. Such law is an issue not only among legislators but most especially among the commoners who will have to abide by such rule. Although the Medical Marijuana Law of Florida is generally aimed to help sick individuals get better, its effects to the entire society is still questionable. With all the debates going on about this newly passed bill, it is important that you, as a citizen, knows the impact of such law in your life and the lives of the people around you.

The Medical Marijuana Law of Florida

As of the moment, the Medical Marijuana Law of Florida has not yet been legalized. It is still considered a bill which is going through the process of becoming a law. A lot of individuals say that the passing of such law is only for formality’s sake. This is because marijuana, as claimed by some, has been used rampantly through the decades. And if it can eventually be a prescription drug, then it will make things easier.

Just as many other laws, the Medical Marijuana Laws have certain pros and cons. Here are just some of the pros of such a law:

1. Health benefits

Marijuana, when used therapeutically, has several health benefits. It can heighten mood among depressive and other psycho patients and increase appetite among patients suffering from conditions which cause loss of appetite. It can also promote relaxation among anxious patients and those diagnosed with anxiety-related disorders. Although it is not yet fully confirmed, studies have found that marijuana can also decrease the risk of cancer. If the use of marijuana will be legalized, individuals can enjoy the health benefits of such drug.

2. Easier access

In the medical field, marijuana has been used secretly for the benefit of patients. Since the possession of even a small amount of marijuana is criminal under current Florida laws, medical practitioners have been concealing the use of marijuana for their patients’ conditions. With the passing of the new Florida Marijuana Law, medical experts will no longer have to hide marijuana and treat their patients with the use of such drug openly.

Here are the cons of the Medical Marijuana Law:

1. Risk for abuse

Although the new law requires a physician’s prescription before marijuana can be accessed, there still exists a high risk for marijuana abuse. Physicians can take advantage of such law and prescribe marijuana even to those who don’t need it for treatment. Users can also take advantage of the situation because of the enhanced access.

2. Possible legalization of other drugs

When the Medical Marijuana Bill eventually becomes a law in Florida, the door to legalize the use of other prohibited drugs can be opened. There is a very high possibility that prohibited drugs of today can become available over-the-counter in the future.

Nobody really knows what can come about if the Florida Medical Marijuana bill becomes a law. As a concerned citizen, you just have to stay in the loop to how the legislation will go.

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