The Medical Marijuana Bill

Florida_could_legalize_medical_marijuanaMedical marijuana is a controversial subject all over the world. There are special federal laws for marijuana. The federal government has ruled that the marijuana is illegal and it does not allow any medical uses of it. However, according to several studies it has been proven that marijuana can help people to cure from certain diseases in certain cases. The medical marijuana laws regulate strictly who can or who cannot have it and what is the procedure to get it. The person who wishes to buy marijuana should have a confirmed diagnosis of one of the recognized ailments. If the person gets the prescription for medical marijuana then he/she should get it from dispensaries because the dispensary is in charge of growing it and then distributing it to the person who requires it. You cannot get this from other source and you are not allowed to grow it on your own. The Florida medical marijuana bill should be passed if the majority of citizens wish to have marijuana available in Florida.

Truths about Medical Marijuana

1. Medical marijuana is favored by the Healthcare professionals. A survey known as Medscape was conducted by doctors and nurses where 3 out of 4 doctors favor the legalizing of marijuana for medical purposes and only 1 out of 10 nurses was not in favor of decriminalizing marijuana for medical purpose.

2. Most of the prescriptions for medical marijuana are given to people who have grave conditions. Around 90% of the medical marijuana prescriptions are for the patients who are suffering from AIDS or cancer.

3. A study shows that cannabis’ psychoactive contents not only intoxicate the patient or give the patient a relaxed feeling but it also suppresses the pain inside the brain.

4. Many people think that marijuana is the medicine only for pain and glaucoma but is been also approved to deal with mental disorders like anorexia, anxiety, depression, Tourette’s and bulimia.

5. According to a study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse medical-grade marijuana can be stored at cold temperatures for around 5 years without any potency loss.

6. According to a FDA report, 17 medications that are meant for symptoms from pain to nausea were the reason why many people died from the year 1997 to 2005. If all these 17 medical conditions were to be treated by marijuana then many people could be alive today.

7. Medicinal marijuana can be eaten, smoked or taken in a liquid form, pill form or as a vapor spray.

8. Only specified quantities are given to the registered caregiver and qualified patients. Only six matured medical cannabis or eight ounces of processed form is allowed by the law. If the patient has a recommendation by the physician then according to the medical marijuana bill the patient is been allowed to increase the amount of it for the treatment. You can acquire the card if you apply in the Medical Marijuana Program. The Medical Marijuana Program is an agency who is responsible for approving and distributing the medical marijuana identification card to people. The people who has the identification card will only get medical marijuana.

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